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Brilliant Photographers you must know

This is a collection of the worlds best, talented and brilliant photographers of all time. These photogrpahers used their talent in such a way that they have created a unique style and inspired other young photographers to follow this passion. Some them are: Eugenio Recuenco, Tim walker, Irvin Penn, Jean Paul Goude, Nick Knight, David la Chapelle, Erwin Olaf,  Paolo Roversi..

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Eugenio Recuenco
Country: Spain
Born: May 8, 1968
Style: Cinematographic & Pictorial

Tim Walker
Country: England
Born: 1970
Style: Extravagant staging & Romantic motifs

Irving Penn
Country: United States
Born: June 16, 1917
Style: Ethnographic

Jean Paul Goude
Country: Paris
Born: December 8, 1940

Nick Knight
Country: United Kingdom
Born: 1958

David La Chapelle
Country: United States
Born: March 11, 1963
Style: Hyper-real & Slyly subversive

Erwin Olaf
Country: Netherlands
Born: June 2, 1959
Style: Daring & Provocative

Paolo Roversi
Country: Italy
Born: 1949